st Valentine's day problem. 

buzz it!


"If you love something,
set it free,
and if it doesn't come back,
hunt someone else down and kill him".

Υπόκλισις, μετά γελώτων.
Μη μασάτε Kuk.
You can be a star. ;-)
Haiku μετά μουσικής.

Μάλλον δεν είπες
σ'αγαπώ, βρε κουτό!
Τό χες μυστικό;

"To the one true god above,
Here is my prayer,
There are two people here,
And I want you to kill them.

Hers, you can go quitely by disease or a blow,
To the base of her neck where her necklaces close,
Where her garments come together,
Where I used to lay my face,
That's where you ought to kill her,
In that particular place.

Him, just fuckin' kill him,
I don't care if he hurts,
Yes, I do, I want him to,
Fuckin' kill him but first,
Make him cry like a woman,
Let him hold out hope that someone or other might come,
Then fuckin' kill him, amen."

Shellac, A Prayer to God
murderous humour makes the world go round!
No solution to the problem yet ?
o brother where art thou?
did you make it look like an accident, then? i'm assuming you did, as i didn't catch any crimes of passion on the news...
Μιραντολίνα, γελάσαμε μαζί. Mindstripper, you make me a star. Ελένη, μερσί για το άσμα. Τι θα ήταν η ζωή χωρίς μυστικά; Thrass, thanks for the shellac man. Landlord 45, Exploding boy, I came back from the grave.
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